Who We Are

Northcap Partners, LLC is an established team of professionals who pursue low leverage investment strategies through the purchasing of multi-family unit buildings, mixed use, and commercial properties in real estate of undervalued and neglected properties nationwide. Northcap Partners, LLC leads in public -to -private transactions regardless of market conditions.


Northcap Partners, LLC find income-producing assets at undervalued levels or future developmental growth opportunities on behalf of our clients. We provide a unique hands-on management approache while targeting specific investments that help improve each and every opportunity we come across.


Our investors best interest is paramount during all stages of their investments. Northcap Partners LLC is a private equity real estate fund, with a target investments of up to $350 million. With each investment opportunity, Northcap Partners, LLC, has a goal of allocating between $1million and $50 million to each of its investment properties. Northcap Partners LLC is to gain good market share and prospects for growth led by managers inept with strong private, commercial and operational aptitude. Northcap Partners, LLC has demonstrated an excellent track record and ability to access proprietary capital, while minimizing compromising competitive situations. We strive to acquire real estate properties at attractive multiples.